Bridge Type Milling Machine

Applicable industries :

♦ Automobile forming dies

♦ Plastic injection mold

♦ Machine parts machining

♦ Aerospace parts machining

♦ Oil and gas industry

قالبهای بزرگ صنعتی سایپا دانش بنیان ماشین سازی

Optional Equipment :
۱- Universal Milling Head
۲- Coolant Through Spindle
۳- ۸۰۰۰ RPM Spindle
۴- Ground Sliding Type Operator Panel Box
۵- Automatic Tool Changer

Standard Accessories :
۱- Inserted Harden and Ground Steel Guide Way
۲- High Precision Ballscrew
۳- hydraulic unit
۴- Hydraulic Counter Balance
۵- Centralize Lubrication system
۶- Leverage Hanging Operating Panel Box
۷- Oil Cooling system for Spindle Head
۸- Spindle cooler unit
۹- Coolant system

SPECIFICATIONSPerspolice 3000Perspolice 4000Perspolice 6000
Logitudinal Traversemm۳۰۰۰۴۰۰۰۶۰۰۰
Cross Traversemm۳۲۰۰۳۲۰۰۳۲۰۰
Vertical Traversemm۱۲۰۰۱۲۰۰۱۲۰۰
Spindle Nose to Table (Min-Max)mm۳۰۰-۱۵۰۰۳۰۰-۱۵۰۰۳۰۰-۱۵۰۰
Distance Between Two Columnsmm۲۶۰۰۲۶۰۰۲۶۰۰
Spindle Speedrpm۳۵-۳۰۰۰۳۵-۳۰۰۰۳۵-۳۰۰۰
Spindle TaperIso۵۰۵۰۵۰
Spindle Motor Powerkw۲۸۲۸۲۸
Table Surfacemm۳۰۰۰*۲۰۰۰۴۰۰۰*۲۰۰۰۶۰۰۰*۲۰۰۰
Max Loadingkgs۱۶۰۰۰۲۰۰۰۰۲۴۰۰۰
   Feed Rates
Continuous Cutting Feedmm/min۶-۵۰۰۰۶-۵۰۰۰۶-۵۰۰۰
Rapid Feedmm/min۱۰۰۰۰۱۰۰۰۰۱۰۰۰۰
Positioning Repeatabilitymm


Machine Weightkg۴۶۰۰۰۵۱۰۰۰۶۱۰۰۰

Bed Type Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine
CNC Milling Machine
Highly Powerful Spindle
Highly Powerful Spindle
Highly Powerful Spindle
Machine Tools Casting Parts
Machine Tools Casting Parts
Machine Tools Casting Parts
Numerical Control
Machine Tools Casting Parts
Power and torque Diagram
  AF 2000AF 2000 AV
  Table surfacemm۲۰۰ x 800۲۰۰۰ x 800
  Number, size and distance between T-slots ۵x18x160۵x18x160
  Longitudinal traversemm۱۷۰۰۱۷۰۰
  Cross traversemm۸۰۰۸۰۰
  Vertical traversemm۸۰۰۸۰۰
  Min. Max. height from spindle nose to tablemm۰-۷۷۲۰-۷۷۲
  Variable speedmin-1۳۵:۳۰۰۰۳۵:۳۰۰۰
  Spindle taperISO۵۰۵۰
  Continuous feed with a variable speed AC motormm/min۶-۵۰۰۰۶-۲۵۰۰۰
  Rapid feed , longitudinal, cross and verticalMm/min۱۵۰۰۰۳۰۰۰۰
  Main spindle motorKW۲۸۲۸
  Positioning and repeatability accuracymm±۰,۰۱۰/۰,۰۰۵±۰,۰۱۰/۰,۰۰۵
  Allowed weight on the tablekg۳۰۰۰۳۰۰۰
  Net weight of the machinekg۱۲۰۰۰۱۳۰۰۰
Standard Accessories :

  • Centralized Control panel
  • CNC numerical Control
  • Electronic handwheels for manual movement
  • Ball screws
  • Inserted hardened and ground steel guideway
  • Roller packs of the movement carriages
  • Manual indexing work heads
  • Hydraulic countrebalance
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Automatic lubrication

Optional Equipment :

  • Digitizing probe

Horizontal machine center

قالبهای بزرگ صنعتی سایپا دانش بنیان ماشین سازی


High-precision, high-efficient machines lead in the coming age.

Greeting the new era with various performance.

قالبهای بزرگ صنعتی سایپا دانش بنیان ماشین سازی
Clutch housing
Cylinder block
Gear housing
Swivel bearing
Distributor pump housing
Cylinder head

Spindle:۱۰۰ mm in diameter, mounted with NN type double row roller bearing, especially good for heavy duty cutting. Direct gear drive is employed for spindle with auto gear change. Full power output can be obtained from merely 196 rpm. Spindle and transmission gears are equipped with a forced cooling system to reduce heat and ensure accuracy. The headstock is mounted on the siding surface of the column with 8-faces wraparound enhancing rigidity and allowing heavy duty cutting.

Headstock and column are symmetric construction designed, which can minimize the thermal deformation .

Auto. Pallet Changer (A.P.C.)

Shuttle type designed to save space. A paddle for pallet rotation is available to make loading/unloading workpiece convenient. A hydraulic-driven shuttle arm is used for pallet changing to ensure excellent reliability of A.P.C. movement.

  1. ATC Tool Storage : 90
  2. Coolant System: Shower Coolant, Coolant Gun, Oil Hole Coolant.
  3. Oil Mist Device
  4. Flat Type Chip Conveyor
  5. Chip Wagon
  6. Automatic Centering Device
  7. Tool Breakage Detection Device
  8. Tool Length Measuring Devie
  9. Tool Preseter
  10. Additional Call Light
  11. Buzzer Device
  1. Spindle Cooling Device
  2. Heat Exchanger
  3. Automatic Pallet Changer With Manual Rotation
  4. Removable Type Manual Pulse Generator
  5. X.Y.Z. Linear Scale
  6. Flood Coolant Device
  7. Coolant Tank
  8. Spiral Type Chip Conveyors
  9. Spindle Speed Meter
  10. Automatic Power Cut-off Device
  11. Call Light
  12. Work Light
  13. Tool Kit

Vertical machine center

Clutch housing
  • Enclosed Splash Guard
  • Rotary Table With 4th Axis Contract
  • ۴th Axis Connector
  • Coolant Through Spindle With Filter
  • Coolant Wash
  • Automatic Tool Length Measuring Device
  • Automatic Centering Device (Renishaw MP-10)
  • ۱۰,۰۰۰/۱۲,۰۰۰/۱۵,۰۰۰ rpm Spindle Speeds
  • Graphite Filtering System
  • Cam Mechanism ATC (32 Tools)
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Removable Manual Pulse Generator
  • Coolant around Spindle
  • Spiral Type Chip Conveyor
  • Semi-Enclosed Splash Guard
  • RS-232 interface
  • Automatic Lubrication Equipment
  • Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Pendant Type Operator Panel
  • Spindle Cooler
  • Rigid Tapping
Spindle power / torque diagram (12,000 rpm)
The optional direct drive 12,000 rpm spindle features excellent rigidity and precision(optional)
۴th Axis Rotary table(optional) premits flexible machining of circular and prismatic parts
Screw type chip conveyor(optional) removes chips automatically saving time and efforts

DMV-800 :

Maximize Productivity and profits with IHDM DMV-800

  • The traveling column structure and fixed table design ensures the machine travel is not affected-regardless of workpiece weight variation. This assures consistent accuracy at all times.
  • The major casting parts are designed and analyzed by advanced “Finite Element Analysis” for optimum structural rigidity and accuracy.
  • Linear roller guide ways on 3 axes meet requirements for both high rigidity and high speed feeding.
  • The 32 tool capacity magazine is isolated from the machining area which prevents tool contamination from chips or coolant.
  • Swing type APC permits fast workpiece change.

Features Guarantee Faster, More Accurate Machining.

  • Major machine parts are manufactured from rigid cast iron for maximum structural stability .
  • Double-wall box type structure provides added rigidity while reducing thermal strain to a minimum.
  • Linear roller guide ways on the three axes feature high accuracy and high rigidity.
  • The tool magazine is isolated from the machining area to prevent contamination from chips or coolant.
  • Traveling column structure ensures smoothness and efficiency of machining.
  • ۱۰,۰۰۰/۱۲,۰۰۰/۱۵,۰۰۰ rpm Optional Speed
  • Flat Type Chip Conveyor and Chip wagon
  • Coolant Through Spindle with Filter
  • Coolant Through Tool
  • ۴th Axis Connector
  • Rotary Table With 4th Axis Control
  • Automatic Tools Lenght Measuring Device (Renishaw TS-27)
  • Automatic Centering Device (Renishaw MP-10)
  • Full Guard
  • Automatic Pallet Changer
  • Swing Type Control Panel
  • Coolant Wash
  • Screw Type Chip Conveyor
  • Spindle Cooler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Removable Manual Pulse Generator
  • Coolant Around Spindle
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Call Light
  • Automatic Lubrication Equipment
  • Work Light
  • Tool kit
  • Spare Fuses
  • Rigid Tapping