Wind turbine gearbox and oil and gas pumps

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قالبهای بزرگ صنعتی سایپا دانش بنیان

Technical Specifications :

• Equipped with lubricant cooling and heating system
• Equipped with output shaft brake system
• Equipped with remote gearbox status reporting system (via SMS)
• Equipped with oil pump for lubrication of gears and bearings
Device weight4400Kg
Nominal power660 Kw
Conversion ratio52. 812:1
Output rotation vector1500rpm
General dimensions of the device(1870 * 1592 * 1140)  mm

Wind Turbine Gearbox(TG1A-ME660)


Wind Turbine Gearbox

Design and construction of the body of oil subsidiary material centrifugal pumps

ClientIsfahan Refinery
Types of models640- 157- 156- 155- 103
MaterialA743CA6NM- Stainless Steel 410- Stainless Steel 420 – ASTM A743- A216GRWCB

Wind Turbine Gearbox

Refinery oil Pump
General-purpose Steam Turbine