Component production and assembly unit located in production workshops 4 , 5 and 6 , with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of products and customer satisfaction to mass production has taken the following steps:
1-Production of raw profile parts by roll forming and stretch machines, which, relying on the technical knowledge of managers and local designers in the construction of these machines, has been working in supplying guide glass parts for Tiba and Pride cars since 2001 .
2- Stamping of Roll formed and Stretched output parts under the title of Pride and Tiba car guide glass
3- stamping small parts TIBA and Pride vehicles such as mirror frames, guide glass brackets, 85 standard parts,
4- Assembling glass guide parts, 151project  car Side Panel Inner with welding presses
5- Assembly of Quick and Saina car fenders with air gun
This Unit is working in 3 shifts .

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