Horizontal machine center


High-precision, high-efficient machines lead in the coming age.

Greeting the new era with various performance.



Spindle:100 mm in diameter, mounted with NN type double row roller bearing, especially good for heavy duty cutting. Direct gear drive is employed for spindle with auto gear change. Full power output can be obtained from merely 196 rpm. Spindle and transmission gears are equipped with a forced cooling system to reduce heat and ensure accuracy. The headstock is mounted on the siding surface of the column with 8-faces wraparound enhancing rigidity and allowing heavy duty cutting.

Headstock and column are symmetric construction designed, which can minimize the thermal deformation .


Auto. Pallet Changer (A.P.C.)

  •  Shuttle type designed to save space. A paddle for pallet rotation is available to make loading/unloading workpiece convenient. A hydraulic-driven shuttle arm is used for pallet changing to ensure excellent reliability of A.P.C. movement.


  1. Spindle Cooling Device
  2. Heat Exchanger
  3. Automatic Pallet Changer With Manual Rotation
  4. Removable Type Manual Pulse Generator
  5. X.Y.Z. Linear Scale
  6. Flood Coolant Device
  7. Coolant Tank
  8. Spiral Type Chip Conveyors
  9. Spindle Speed Meter
  10. Automatic Power Cut-off Device
  11. Call Light
  12. Work Light
  13. Tool Kit


  1. ATC Tool Storage : 90
  2. Coolant System: Shower Coolant, Coolant Gun, Oil Hole Coolant.
  3. Oil Mist Device
  4. Flat Type Chip Conveyor
  5. Chip Wagon
  6. Automatic Centering Device
  7. Tool Breakage Detection Device
  8. Tool Length Measuring Devie
  9. Tool Preseter
  10. Additional Call Light
  11. Buzzer Device

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